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Paper Accepted to ACCI!

One of my research groups wrote a paper titled, "Are CFP® Professionals Less Likely to Engage in Misconduct? Exploring the Importance of Job Classification When Comparing Misconduct Rate Among Financial Service Professionals," late last year. The article has been accepted for presentation at the American Council on Consumer Interest's (ACCI) 2020 conference, which will take place May 19-21 in Arlington, VA.

From the "About" section of the organization's website:

"Since 1953, the American Council on Consumer Interests, ACCI, has been a leading membership organization for academicians and other professionals involved in consumer and family economics."

The organization investigates the effect of policy, economic, and other (mostly) macro-level issues that affect individual and household-level consumers. Its periodical, Journal of Consumer Affairs, is published quarterly and is ranked "A" by the Australian Business Deans Council. The journal has an impact factor of 2.038 (the best finance journals have impact factors around 6) and provides a good outlet for financial planning research.

Very excited to see how this particular research avenue evolves!

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