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Best Paper Award!!!

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

At the CFP Board Academic Research Colloquium last week, we won the Northwestern Mutual Best Paper Award in Risk Management & Insurance for our paper, "Victim Characteristics of Investment Fraud." Very excited to receive this first time out of the gate! In his notification correspondence, Dr. Charles Chaffin, the Director of Academic Initiatives at the CFP Board, wrote, "Given the high number of submissions, your research epitomizes the very best representation of quality academic research and writing within financial planning and related disciplines." I am greatly humbled by these words of affirmation and am still stunned that our paper was chosen.

I was blown away by the high caliber of paper presentations at the conference especially the graduate student presentations during the doctoral seminar (first day of the conference). I have listened to many papers delivered by graduate students in multiple disciplines, and I was very impressed with the selection I heard during this conference. The keynote speakers were also very good. Everyone with whom I interacted at the conference was very technical yet supportive with their feedback and discussions. Very glad I decided to attend the conference! Hopefully, I can do it again next year.

Here's the link to the CFP Board's press release regarding the conference awards.

(Picture forthcoming!)

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