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1st Publication Rolls Out!

After a few weeks' delay due to a cyber attack on the journal's website (yes, really), my first peer-reviewed publication, co-authored with Eddie Kramer, just hit the press! My initial goal was three publications in 2019, but this will probably be a solo pub year. Hoping to score another one or two in Q1 of 2020!

One other thing: I did not realize until recently all the work that goes into editing a journal (and much of my understanding is second-hand)! After acceptance, I went through another two rounds of rounds of technical revisions before the paper was finally ready to release. Most of the the issues were references, much of which is owed to Harvard style (never heard of it prior to submitting to this journal). It probably would have been much less time consuming had the requested style been APA. In any event, I am quite happy with the finished product--go check it out!

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