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The Value of Evidence-Based, Comprehensive Financial Planning Research

Steven Lee, Researcher & Trusted Advisor

Currently, I am the Sievert-Sternberg Doctoral Research Fellow at The American College of Financial Services.  I also train professional fiduciaries at University of California Riverside Extension.  In addition, I maintain a small financial planning practice.


My journey began in 2011 when my wife and I were pregnant with our first child.  I was ABD in a dead-end distance education doctoral program in Philosophy.  With no career opportunities in sight, I embarked upon a long expedition in financial services where I operated as a broker for one year.  Unimpressed with my progress, I began an MBA program in financial planning, moving in the direction of a comprehensive financial planner.  Today, I write holistic financial plans and conduct cutting-edge research in financial advisor misconduct, specifically fraud and financial elder abuse.

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  • Engage in leading research within the areas of financial misconduct and fraud;

  • Share my research with stakeholders who hold a vested interest in curbing incidence of fraud and other misconduct within the financial services industry;

  • Utilize research findings to inform my practice in service to my clients.


I work with clients, providing comprehensive financial advice that is custom-tailored to their needs and goals.  I also research characteristics of fraud in financial services.

Analysing the Numbers

Holistic Financial Planning

Whether it is as simple as writing a basic financial plan or as complex as interviewing other professionals on behalf of the client or analyzing the health of a client's employer pension, I offer my practical experience, educational acumen, and research expertise to negotiate any financial planning challenge.


Data Collection & Analysis

I actively engage in financial services misconduct research on a number of levels.  This includes analyzing existing data sets, creating subsets of data from existing stores, and collecting my own data (both quantitative and qualitative).  My robust research agenda speaks to my relevance within the academy and informs my practice.